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O-ring, is a round (O-shaped) section of an elastomeric loop used as a mechanical sealing element.

  • In 2008, opened a retail store in Bayrampaşa Keçeci Business Center.
  • In 2009, it moved to Emintaş Akel Industrial Site where it operates now.
  • It started the production of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Gasket and Seals with the ateiler opened in Keçeci Business Center in March 2009.
  • In the first phase, Dough Machine, Hydraulic Press, Special Cutting Machine were added to the production line.
  • In the last quarter of 2009, 2 more Hydraulic Presses were added.
  • In 2010, we moved our production plant in Keçeci Business Center to a 3-Floor production plant in Bayrampaşa Topçular.
  • In 2010, we added Injection Molding Machine to our production processes. With this machine we started to produce Special Production Polyurethane seals and Pom Beddings
  • In 2011, we added 4 more hydraulic presses in our production processes and total number of hydraulic presses in our production increased to 7.
  • In 2012, Cnc Machining Center, Cnc Lathe and Milling machine were added to our production. We use special drawing programs for all of these.
  • In 2013, we moved our production to the Emintaş Akel Industrial Site where Showroom is located.
  • In 2013, O-ring production started.
  • In 2013, we added 4 special O-ring Presses for O-ring production, Nitrogen Deburring Machine, Quality Control Machine to the factory.
  • In 2014, we will activate the Rubber Injection Molding Machine.
  • By the end of 2014, the Rubber Injection Molding Machine was activated.
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