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Our Vision

In an ever changing and evolving market place, we aim to turn EGE CONTA into a globally known brand by effectively addressing the needs of our customers in terms of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealing elements solutions.

As EGE CONTA we have three founding missions:
  • To constantly keep you up-to-date, as our valuable customers, about the changes in the Hydraulic and Pneumatic business.
  • To always keep in mind, while shaping our company policy, that our customers are an integral part of our corporate identity.
  • To commit ourselves to the terms of agreements reached with our customers in terms of price and effective delivery.
We have solidly placed the following values to the foundations of our company:
  • Customer comes first,
  • Communication channels kept open constantly,
  • Effective solutions found for problems communicated to us through our feedback channels,
  • Our customers are like family members,
  • Produce added-value for the national economy, while putting the interests of the nation first,
  • Efficient use of the resources of our country,
  • Sensitive towards social responsibility projects without compromising our brand and quality,
  • Provide services through an understanding of total quality.
EGE CONTA'nın bu değerlerini sağlam temeller üzerine atmış bulunmaktayız.

Genel Müdür'ün Mesajı:

We are on the seventh year of our journey that started in 2008. Throughout this period we managed to add a production line to our retail business. Now, we are able to offer a range of better quality products to our customers not only by coming up with innovative solutions in the area of Hydraulic and Pneumatic, but also by adding the power of today's technology to our production processes. During our journey we have also launched an O-ring production line, which is regarded as a challenging area of business.

We continue to invest to our O-ring production business. As of 2014 we have also introduced Rubber Injection Machine to our production processes. We proudly share a common ground with you our valuable customers as we gain expertise in terms of Special Products coming from you, while engaging you to the processes including product design, processing, choice of dough type and colors. We are aware that we still have a lot to do. Ege Conta will always serve you without compromising its quality.

Ege Conta is the symbol of robustness. Our company which embraces its customers at all levels of its operations, from production to management, proudly presents its updated web site featuring the latest product catalogue. In shaping our goals you are our source of inspiration. On this path, we hope to walk with you for many years to come.

Ege Conta, the Symbol of Robustness.